Terms & Conditions

Home from Home – Essex

  • Home from Home – Essex reserves the right to refuse to care for any dog we or the carer consider to be unsuitable or is visibly unwell at the time of leaving the dog with the carer. Home from Home – Essex will not be liable for any costs incurred by the dog(s) owner in the event of such cancellation.
  • ƒOwners must only register dogs that are non-aggressive but should the dog(s) show aggressive tendencies to the carer or their family, or should the dog(s) behaviour become uncontrollable or a nuisance beyond reasonable acceptance, the dog(s) will be placed in an alternative safe environment and any additional costs will be met by the owner.
  • Delivery and collection dates must be adhered to as the carers may have other bookings. If a booking needs to be extended for any reason Home from Home – Essex will try to keep clients’ dog(s) with the existing carer. If this is not possible, the dog(s) will be relocated to another suitable carer. The additional carer’s fee, and a transfer fee of £10, will be payable by the owner.
  • ƒSufficient food and supplies must be left with the carer at the time of leaving the dog(s). If any dog(s) requires medication owners should discuss this with the carer during the introductory meeting. Any additional supplies that are purchased by the carer must be reimbursed by the owner when they collect their dog(s).
  • ƒAll dogs must be vaccinated, wormed and free from fleas before being placed with the carer.
  • ƒShould the emergency contact not be available, agreement is given for Home from Home – Essex to make any decision necessary regarding the dogs health providing it is acting in the best interest of the dog(s) and is on the advice of a qualified Veterinary Surgeon. All veterinary bills incurred during the booking will be paid by the owner.
  • ƒBookings should not be made direct with the carers. This is an unfair practice for all parties, and such bookings would not be covered by the third party liability insurance which is held by Home from Home – Essex. Any such bookings undertaken would result in Home from Home- Essex refusing to take bookings for, and from, the two parties.
  • ƒTo request a booking the registration fee (where applicable) and registration form (completed and signed) must be sent to Home from Home – Essex. The deposit is payable upon receipt of the booking confirmation and the remaining balance is to be paid to the carer, when the dog(s) is/are left with them.
  • If any booking is cancelled by the owner there will be a minimum administration charge of £10 included in the following refunds:

More than 30 days notice of cancellation, full refund

20-30 days notice of cancellation, 75% refund

10-20 days notice of cancellation 50% refund

Less than 10 days notice, no refund.

  • ƒIf any dog(s) is/are not collected, or the owner/emergency contact has not telephoned the carer or Home from Home – Essex within 7 days after the due collection date stated on the booking form, it will be considered that the dog(s) has/have been abandoned. Home from Home – Essex reserves the right to place the dog(s) with an animal charity. Any costs incurred will be the responsibility of the owner.